Building Bridges

Friday, May 25, 2012
How would you react if someone came to your church on Sunday morning with long, multicolored, spiked hair, dark clothes and multiple tattoos & piercings? Some people would gape, I am sure, others would just give him/her that "it's good to see you in church, but please don't sit next to me" look. Yet, some would do the Christ Like things and go out of their way to welcome and accept him/her. Those people are called "bridge builders".

Barnabas was that "bridge builder for Saul (also called Paul). When Saul arrived in Jerusalem three years after his conversion many disciples were afraid of him and doubted his transformation (Acts 9:26). He didn't receive a warm welcome from the Jerusalem church greeters-for good reason. Saul had a terrible reputation for persecuting Christians.

But Barnabas, a Jewish convert, believed God's work of grace in Saul's life and became a bridge between him and the apostles (v. 27).

Saul needed someone to come alongside him to encourage and teach him, and to introduce him to other believers. Barnabas was that bridge. As a result, Saul was brought into deeper fellowship with the disciples in Jerusalem and was able to preach the gospel there freely and boldly. 

New believers, as well as old believers and anywhere in between, need a Barnabas in their lives. We are to be a bridge in the lives of others. Be a bridge of encouragement to someone today!

FINALLY. I had to FORCE myself to finish it. Obviously I wouldn't recommend it, however, it was not because of the message. In my opinion, it was just poorly written and drug on a little too long.

I love the show. It reminds me a little bit of Desperate Housewives.

I just started a new book called Flight to Heaven by Capt. Dale Black

I am LOVING it already. It is about a 19 year old pilot who is in a plane crash; he is the ONLY survivor. It takes you on his journey to heaven and back. If you liked Heaven is for Real, then you will love this book as well!

A little update on The Ashe Family!

Jason, Gracie, and I are traveling home to MS tomorrow! YAY. I am excited to see the family & friends, BUT I am NOT excited for the 10 hour car ride. Friday we leave for Houston, TX for a wedding and then we will be coming back to MS on Sunday to pick up our little fur ball of love & head back to SC! Pretty eventful trip right? 

So, Jason & I had a FRIENDLY bet going about who would win American Idol. Jason (and Granny) were rooting for Phillip Philips and I was dying for Jessica Sanchez to win. Jason said if he won I had to give him 250 minutes of back massages and I said that if I won he had to buy me a new car. Seems fair right? Lucky for Jason, he won and now I will be giving him back massages for the rest of my life. I hope in 2 minutes increments lol. 

We received 3 more wedding pictures back and, of course, I want to show them off to yal! We hope you love them!

Bella Grace Boutique is doing amazing! I can't thank everyone who has supported me! BGB's business cards should be coming in very soon. I have the blog created, but I have to find the perfect store template or my wonderful creative hubby will be designing one. I was SO excited to go through my first pack of thank you notes (I know, easily amused, right?). I think we will be creating some specially for BGB. We have over 110 items in the store now, so go check it out and don't forget to "like" our the Bella Grace Boutique facebook page.



Bridge Builders was good-- I used to be a church secretary-- and was shocked how few in the church are welcoming to the newcomer.

I call it Christian abortion--
when they want to lead the seeking babes to Christ with the sinner's prayer--
then never tend or nurture them until they just die spiritually-- from lack of training, lack of touch, and finally starve from lack of spiritual food other than a little dose on Sunday from the pulpit.

Yes-- we mature Christians need to "walk our talk" all need to be as encouraging as Barnabas!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts to motivate others!

Debra said...

Really good blog, Jess. So proud of you and Jason and the blog, ebays store, etc. Looking forward to seeing you and hugging you. I love you, Aunt Debra

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