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Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Well, first and foremost, THE BIBLE, yes that's the book for me (lol in my singing voice). Jason bought me my first Bible as a married couple that has my new name on it, Jessica Ashe, just in case you forgot whose blog you were reading. I am really loving it. It is called the True.Identity The Bible for Women. It is the New International Version. It is the Bible that helps you see yourself as God sees you. No matter what your stage in life, you’re probably facing a challenge or a change. Whatever you’re facing, you probably share your struggles with a friend.
 * 100 “Myth” articles---States a commonly accepted myth that the world tells you is true, then refutes the myth with the truth of God’s Word.

* 30 “Ask Me Anything” notes---Profiles a woman from the Bible in an interview format where the biblical woman speaks to the modern readers about the life issue she faced.
* 200 “Conversations” notes---Penetrating questions to reflect on, either alone or with a friend or mentor.
* 200 “He Is” callouts---Highlights an attribute of God as shown or taught in Scripture and teaches how that affects a woman’s identity.
* 300 “At Issues” notes---Short teaching notes on life topics such as money, sex, or pride.
* 66 book introductions
* Topical index
* Back matter articles on topics such as mentoring, developing a consistent quiet time, Bible reading plans, memorizing Scripture, etc.
True Identity is designed to help you live out who you are in Christ in practical ways as a woman living in today’s world. Drawing on the truths of Scripture, the features in this Bible will strengthen you with insights and encouragement for the issues you face. Some of the features include:
Myths: I’ll never be free from my past. If I’m good, God will love me. My husband is the only one who needs to change. If I’m a good Christian, then nothing bad will happen to me. My company owes me.
You’ve heard them before. How many do you believe? They’re commonly accepted myths of our culture---myths about love, relationships, God, fulfillment, sex, faith, right and wrong, and a lot more. Don’t believe the lies of this world! The 100 “Myths” articles in True Identity expose different myths that many women believe. Each article opens with the first-person story of a woman who believes a particular myth and how that affects her life. A statistic or quote shows how common the myth is in our society or what someone has said about it. Then, most importantly, principles from the Bible refute the myth and offer practical guidance and help.
At Issue: The stakes are high when it comes to issues such as marriage, conflict, money, sex, or pride. You need wisdom from God’s Word---and “At Issue” provides it. These 300 succinct notes take you to the heart of important topics, equipping you with biblical insights that can help you face common concerns with uncommon wisdom.
Ask Me Anything: If you could sit down with different women of the Bible and ask them about their lives, what would they tell you? In the form of personal interviews, “Ask Me Anything” profiles introduce you to 30 women from the Bible. Offering frank insights drawn from the best and worst of their lives, they have much to say about life today.
He Is: Who is God and what is he like? You’ll find out as you read through the “He Is” notes. Highlighting attributes of God, each note gives you a bigger picture of the God who loves you and longs to be in relationship with you.

The 2nd thing I can't live without is my daily devotional, Our Daily Bread Devotional Journal. Granny bought me this for Christmas and it has been, hands down, my favorite devotional. I love that it also incorporates a journal into each day.
 Added values include a read-through-the-Bible-in-a year-checklist and designated space for prayer reminders. You will find comfort, encouragement, and hope for every circumstance of life as you enjoy the heartwarming stories and rich insights of favorite writers such as David Roper, Joanie Yoder, Henry Bosch, David McCasland, Julie Ackerman Link, Dave Branon, and Richard and Mart DeHaan.

Third on my list would be, EVERYTHING APPLE, from my MacBook to my Iphone to my Ipad. I love me some APPLE PRODUCTS!  
 Just visit their website here. They offer everything. I love that they even started selling refurbished items with that same trusted Apple brand. 
I have had my Iphone 4 for about 2 years and I've only had 1 problem with it (which was my fault, I dropped it in the toilet, don't ask). I took it to SmartPhone Medic and they had me all fixed up in less than an hour. My MacBook has been my baby for about the same length of time and I have NEVER had a single issue with it. Best laptop ever. Jason only bought me my Ipad a couple months ago, but I already can't see my life without it. I love how I can buy books from all my favorite stores, Kindle, Nook & Ibooks and have them all in one place. What I'm getting at is that for the price you pay, you are getting a great, trusted product that will last you for many years. I would much rather pay a little bit more and not have to worry about my phone breaking or my computer crashing and loosing all my data & pictures.
Fourth on my list would be all things PINK Kitchenaid. We all know how much I adore cooking, baking and the color pink, so all these things combined just make my heart happy.... and Jason's tummy lol. 
The Pink Kitchenaid Line is called Cook for the Cure and it is a program that gives people with a passion for cooking a way to support the fight against breast cancer. Through culinary-based fundraising, events, auctions, and the sale of pink products the partnership between Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Kitchenaid has raised over 8 million in the past decade. It is a great way to invest your money in a great product as well as a great cause. Highly recommend! 
These are just a couple products that are close to my heart! What are some of yours?
Jessica Ashe


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