Happy 2 Month Wedding Anniversary!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Tomorrow, April 4, 2012, is our 2 month wedding anniversary!! Guess what we are going to be doing??? DRIVING 10 HOURS TO MISSISSIPPI!!! Although, I may not be elated about the drive to MS, I am SUPER excited to see MY Granny & Poppa, Bella, Dad, Sisters, Aunt Debra & Uncle Buddy, my 2nd family (aka The Cothern's), PJ & Shea and ALL my other friends!! Family is the most important thing to me. I am purposely not including my friends in that prior statement because you are not JUST my friend (if I've kept you around this long :) ) You are MY CHOSEN family!! lol It really does seem like we have been married forever. I guess that is just how it is when you are soul mates. It has truly been the best 2 months of my life, but I can't really say that because ever since the day I met Jason (which was May 26, 2009), he has made every day the BEST day of my life. I am reminded each day how blessed I am to have such a sweet, thoughtful, God fearing, loving, respectful, handsome, amazing parent to Gracie & Bella, intelligent... (the list could go on & on) man as my husband. I am not sure what I ever did to deserve such an amazing husband, but I sure am SO thankful. I pray that our marriage continues to grow each day & that we continue to have the strong drive to strengthen our bond any way that we can.

You can also be looking for our wedding announcement in Sunday's paper!! YAY!! Finally!! It only took us 2 months. That's not too bad.. Right?? After the picture being too large, then too black & white, then not being able to find the right one, we finally chose.... THIS ONE! God worked the timing of the announcement being published perfectly! We will actually be home to see it first hand. I am constantly reminded that God's timing is always PERFECT.

As most of you know, I LOVE shopping, fashion, and ESPECIALLY a good deal. I have been a member of eBay since January 2006, but mostly as a shopper. As you may not know, I tend to hoard my shoes and clothes. It is bad.. I have clothes that I had since Middle School.. maybe older. Just to show you a little sneak peak of how bad it is.... here is a picture of the shoes I am selling.

The sad thing is, my closet is still FULL of shoes! The first step is admitting you have a problem. Right?? lol Anyways... since I had all this stuff that I wanted to get rid of I decided to start selling it on eBay. I love it. I started shopping just for stuff to sell and I quickly realized how much fun it truly is. I have always thought one of the most fun jobs in the world would be a fashion stylist... lol this is the first step! JK, but this is a really fun way to combine my love for fashion, shopping, and deals! You can always check out the items I'm selling. My eBay member name is jmac9985.

Jason & I just started a new book together called "Love Is A Verb" by Gary Chapman (btw he is one of my FAVORITE authors)! It is an amazing, inspiring book (not just for couples, but for ANYONE) that is easy to read and will leave you with a happy heart and tears in your eyes. Each story has reminded us how blessed we are to be given the lives we have and that we should make the most of EACH day.
Alrighty, well it's been a nice, one-way chat with you guys. I guess I gotta go pack now! Boooo. I haven't even started! Maybe Gracie will help me! I will leave yal with ONE more picture! Gracie says byyyeeee!


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I'm so excited to see ya'll! Gracie is too cute!

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